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Alternate Endings

This poem has two endings. The complete versions of each are posted. Decide which you like best. Achmed Silent “grr” Dirty whirr Up, up And away Something has shifted And now we’re lifted Up, up Hooray! We’re gliding easy Natural peasey Not coming down Today There’s blood on the ground And our body parts will be found A mile or so… Read more →


RSpec Core 2.6 – RSpec – Relish Recently, I’ve learned quite a lot about Ruby and Rake. I plan on sharing this knowledge on this blog when I have some time, at which point I’ll edit this post with something useful… but until then I’ll be playing with this page and formatting it until I get something I like. #some… Read more →


An interesting thought I had today, dealing with the essence of who we are, and how connected that is or isn’t to what we are. It could be developed into a poem in the future, but right now, I haven’t got the ambition. I love because it is convenientI lust because it is thereThese feelings are no more my own than… Read more →