Monthly Archives: May 2011

Two Weeks

Look up at the overcast sky Rain’s falling And I know exactly why My love has left me, stayed behind And I’m fighting back tears Trying to reason with my mind Two more weeks won’t be anything What a lie that must be Two more weeks could be anything For you or for me Two weeks and you may have… Read more →

Favorites from my old book

No Regrets Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?A land in the clouds?A place of saving,Or does life just get you down?I can’t live life wonderingWhat tomorrow will bringAnd if today’s all I gotThen at least I’ll know how to singMy praise for my lifeThe time I hadAnd when it’s all over, I hope you’re not sadBecause… Read more →

Cleaning My Room

So I’ve been cleaning my room the past few days. I just ran across a poetry book I was required to make for my English class in 9th grade. The poetry is good, I may post my favorites later, but what really struck me is the quote I put on the back of the book. “Poetry should please by a… Read more →