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why’s it so hard to believe what you see you can’t believe it’s not there, but i want you to be free be free of the anger the heartbroken guilt; you’re angry i’ve done this to you yet the balance won’t tilt in your direction and i’ve said that enough no matter how long you wait the answer is still… Read more →


There’s so many things I’ve heard About you, over the years Things not flattering, or awful That if you heard might bring you tears Yet I never once judged you Not a single time You’re a friend, a good friend, a damn good friend of mine But what’s this? Now that I’ve made one mistake My hands are covered in… Read more →


It’s times like these I’m reminded of what makes me who I am So many times I think I’m drifting, but now I see that I never can I’ll always come back to the belief at my core; That the people around me always deserve to be loved more. Life isn’t about me, it’s about all of them How they’re… Read more →


Choosing a partner Is like nailing yourself down See in someone else What you can’t see in yourself Decide that you’re lacking And a hole can only be filled By the sweet sweet nothings Of another Who, just the same feels Tortured, in loneliness Why? Because it is said we should be Unhappy “alone” Although we are nothing such. It’s… Read more →

Moving On

I still think of you Wonder how you’ve been Where your life’s taken you Since I was in it then Your face will come to mind Your smile, and how you’d hate To show your teeth on camera Even though you looked great The million ways you’ve changed my life Are a reminder now of what we had The terrible… Read more →