Monthly Archives: February 2011


Just keep running running headlong, headfirst run until you’re in the unfamiliar where everything’s at its best. run and run, there’s no point looking back on what used to and what could have been. keep yourself moving moving away, yet moving toward something special intangible, and unknown but good. you move, sluggish sometimes, and sometimes fast as though the journey… Read more →

River Ride

I’ll worry about me You worry about you We’re separate people; Not one, but two You want something you can’t have And you put all your effort in To change my mind, but I won’t I tell you again and again Stop trying to change the past So you can have the future you planned Instead, ride the river’s flow,… Read more →


so much tragedy and i cannot cry the rest of the world is turning a blind eye to the one lost kid crying, and cold he feels so empty he’s done what he was told; done everything right, and done everything more than the rest of the children but still he’s left sore, he’s unrewarded, treading last place he wonders… Read more →


Reaching toward you for some months now I always get set back – back to the beginning you put me there because courage is what you lack. It’s impossible that you don’t see me now see what I’ve become so impossible that you don’t feel me now but it seems I haven’t won. Do you want me now? Can I… Read more →


Another old one. I don’t remember posting this yet. My poems used to be so much simpler, and so much happier… Goodnight, my sweet You are everything, impossible to beat. When you lay your head down to rest don’t forget that to me you are the best; don’t forget that while you’re there i continue dreaming of us as a… Read more →