Monthly Archives: January 2011

Locked Away

I don’t think this is necessarily finished, but it’s a different style of poem and I am somewhat proud of the ideas it represents and how it’s turned out. So I’m posting it prematurely, more to come later (maybe). Running not running falling can’t fall presssure building firmly resisting if i stand so straight and so tall my life will… Read more →


Always afraid it will be too late Don’t know when or who’s shutting the gate Don’t know how long I’ve been so afraid Of missing out on something not yet made Only know it’s time to really not care If it’s gonna be made, I’ll make it and then it’ll be there. Read more →


I almost posted this on my college’s Like A Little last night, but I either chickened out or came to my senses. I’m not really sure which, since I still can’t stop thinking about this boy. I suppose though that all things get worked out with time. Stuck So here it is, I’m stuck on you It’s really sad, but… Read more →