Monthly Archives: January 2009

Your perfect poem the perfect poem to write for you has a whole lot of stuff to do with not being there and showing i care and walking the line and doing a dare and holding my breath as i think of a line that can complete this rhyme of mine and breathing it in as i wake in the… Read more →

Portions of my mind

Resistance Trying to hideFrom after-kissbliss abyss,Trouble is this:Lengthy kisslead me to missThe one I kiss. Bacon Dremmel toolNot enoughTo peer into MY mind. Abyss Gaping, suddenly black, a crescent moon appearsYou once saw light but the world is dark, black and grayAnd you have nowhere to go but down so you goCursing, cursing your fateYour luckall the way. Yoda Deeper… Read more →