Sculpey Cat

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on a weird adventure with Sculpey and simple electronics. The goal had been to make something unique using the basic circuits skills I’ve picked up over the last eight months or so. Given that the final product literally just lights up a couple of LEDs when it’s plugged in, I’d like to disclaim… Read more →

Roku Hacking (Part 1)

It’s a snowy afternoon in the Adirondacks, and while everyone else is playing Scattergories, I’m playing with IDA. I’m weird, I know. I started an adventure in disassembling and reverse engineering my Roku 3 some months ago. It began with me taking the thing apart, snapping some photos, taking some pcaps, and poking at it until I shorted something (oops).… Read more →

Light me up, Scotty

The other day a coworker sent me a fascinating article about solar panels and the electric grid. The next day, I woke up wondering how much solar it would take to power some simple electronics, like outdoor cameras for surveillance. And then I realized I had some solar panels literally in my backyard. These guys: They’re your garden variety (ha)… Read more →