Courtney Webster


you are not alonegoing into that darkened nighta lantern and a field guidehoping to make it out alive you are not alonethere are those who would walk with youif you would call on themthe night is darkbut they bring their own light you may feel alonebut that is your choice – there are people who care for youwho love youwho… Read more →


I want to talk to youbut I don’t know what to sayexcept “hi,how are you?” all I really mean to sayis that I care about youI’m thinking of youand I hope sometimesthat you think of me but I can’t say thatit would be weird to say thatI have to make you feel itor else it won’t seem true So –… Read more →

Sculpey Cat

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on a weird adventure with Sculpey and simple electronics. The goal had been to make something unique using the basic circuits skills I’ve picked up over the last eight months or so. Given that the final product literally just lights up a couple of LEDs when it’s plugged in, I’d like to disclaim… Read more →