A research project to quantify national sentiment regarding political candidates using twitter data.
Languages: Python

Platforms: Linux

Real-time Analysis of Twitter Sentiment (RATS) is a project that analyzes the sentiment of twitter data scraped from configurable tag sets. The text of these tweets is analyzed for sentiment using a model trained on NLTK data. The current effort is utilizing nltk-trainer in conjunction with the freely available nltk corpora. RATS is tested with Python 3.4, but will probably work with any version of Python 3.

The github repository can be found here.

Daila X

A 2D platforming game written in Python with pygame.
Languages: Python

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Daila X is a platform adventure game with puzzles and action. The game mechanics were conceptualized by me with influences from short-lived MMO T-Crew and the still-active MapleStory. The game world and storyline draw inspiration from Final Fantasy 7 and Tales of Symphonia. Currently, development is still in the “planning” phase – you can find a copy of the UML diagram below. A repository is up on GitHub for the project, but as of now it is empty.


Home Automation Network (HAN)

Server software and remote sensors to automate home living.

Platforms: Linux, Arduino

This project is not currently under development. It consists of a lot of ideas, but not enough time…

Twitter Data Modeling

Making cool diagrams and drawing wild conclusions from Twitter data


Using IFTTT to scrape Twitter data, I have created a database of tweets starting from December 26th, 2014. I plan to use this data to create network models and extrapolate trending topics in different locales.

Freelance Web Design

I offer web consulting for small businesses and individuals, with the promise that I can get you online quickly with a website you can maintain yourself. Of course, if you don’t want to manage your website yourself, that’s fine too. I offer a complete package, including domain name registration, design and development, and continuous hosting. All of the technical details are taken care of for you, so you can focus on whatever it is you do best.

Websites for non-profit and charitable organizations are developed and hosted for free, with the exception of the initial domain registration.

Feel free to contact me with inquiries.